For the past 12 years I've worked with amazing people creating things that inspire and connect, entertain and amuse, and generally help people live a more enjoyable or productive life. I have a passion for drawing, playing music, building real and digital creations, and experiencing my family grow, learn and become who they are.

Possibly interesting things about me:

  • I was in a band when I moved from Vermont to California
  • I build guitars
  • I went to school for electronics
  • I might be a lego maniac
  • I used to work on airplanes
  • I've played guitar since I was 12 and I'm still getting better, which is awesome
  • I wrote a chapter in a published book about physics simulations in Maya
  • I created 5 music videos in two weeks for a Green Day side project The Network
    The bass player gave me one of his practice basses in payment - we didn’t get much more than that :(
  • I toured for months with hip-hop collective Hieroglyphics, filming every show coast to coast for their Full-Circle tour Hieroglyphics - Full Circle Tour DVD (2005)

  • Product Management:
    Requirements from a users perspective • Agile sprint plans • Consistent communication

    Design thinking for a thoughtful, engaging, and useful experience • Appeal • Consistent visual language • User/Customer understanding • Fit and finish for every pixel, transition, and animation