Verizon go90

2014, UX Design, Product and Engineering Rep

  • Ideation/Prototyping
  • Motion/Micro Interactions
  • Dev Integration/Deliveries/Redlines
  • Fit + Finish
  • Bug Tracking

The basic idea

Verizon set out to build a new streaming media platform directed at millennials that would showcase short form content, live sports, and music events.

Through interviewing our target audience, we focused on three areas of interest:

  • Shareable content (small user-generated clips)
  • Group chat focused on specific content
  • A playful experience

Transitioning teams and transitioning tools

Intel Media was acquired by Verizon in 2014. Design for Verizon's new platform would not begin until systems were ramped up and plans were in place. With time on my hands I joined up with the design team in Texas to work on a new streaming app. Since I was in San Jose, I offered to manage hand-offs to engineering and work directly with them on updates to the production files and assets.

Eventually, Verizon hired a couple of temp designers to work in San Jose and I helped them set up systems locally and managed timelines. We built asset libraries, prototypes, and created redlines for engineering. At the time, the Verizon design team was deeply entrenched in Illustrator, using what I thought were inefficient and difficult methods for organizing and distributing files and assets. During my time working with them we streamlined our design spec workflow, built a design bible in confluence, and eventually we made the transition to sketch/zeplin which really solidified our deliveries.

Deeper integration with the product team

At this point, the project had gained steam with executives and an outside agency came on board to contribute to the UI/UX along with branding and concept from AKQA. I transitioned to assist the product management team in projecting timelines, product requirements, and reviewing design deliveries with engineering.