Verizon IPTV

2015-2017, UX Design | Product Management
Mobile | Web | CE Devices | Set-Top Box

  • Product management (Mobile team)
  • Product Design
  • User Stories, User Journeys
  • Use Case and requirements
  • Design Team Management
  • Developer Relations/Integration
  • Monthly Product Design Meeting Facilitation
  • Rapid Prototypes/Motion/Micro Interaction

The basic idea

Reimagine Verizon's TV Entertainment Offering by creating a thoughtful experience while tackling the challenge of retaining and growing Verizon's subscribers.

Product Design

I joined the product team early in the defining stages of building Verizon's new TV service. Focusing initially on the set-top-box experience, I helped the team concept the MVP features. When mobile was ready to be defined, I joined that team and took mobile and web all the way through to a fully functional and market-ready app.

  • Early ideation of the main set-top box experience.
  • Whiteboard sessions with design, engineering, product, and data teams.
  • I had developed a close relationship with engineering on my previous assignment which lead to clear insights for design and helped set up an iteration plan.
  • Ramped up our mobile/web product efforts with the design team in London.
  • Prototyping (navigational, motion, and interaction)

Design and Product Management

Working alongside three others on the product team, I lead efforts on the design side to keep things on-track, organized, and understandable by all parties involved in production. As the sole designer on the Verizon side, I managed the design team in London and leveraged my Product Design experience to keep schedules and revise designs when issues arose.

  • Responsible for mobile/web user flows, stories, and design repositories.
  • Sprint planning and deliveries.
  • Design documentation, delivery, management.
  • Monthly in-person collaboration events with engineering teams in Texas.


  • Ongoing integration with the usability testing team in San Jose.
  • Usability test criteria from design and product teams.
  • Aggregation of feedback and user testing reports, delivered to design and product teams.
  • General responsibility for integrating testing results into an actionable plan.